Halawa4U aims to deliver sweet from the best bakeries and the finest brands in the most efficient manner by creating a high-quality platform as well as handling all the logistics along with the sweet provider . In essence we provide all bakeries and brands with the opportunity to increase their operational capacity, introducing avenues to increase consumers and consequently revenues; increase brand exposure and get free marketing; and take advantage of the advanced logistical operations by our service providers , allowing bakeries and brands  the to focus on their core competencies (i.e. serving good sweet ). We also provide consumers with the ability to order good sweet from the best  bakeries and brands that heretofore did not or could not deliver, in an efficient and reliable manner.

Halawa4U offers customers multiple portals to order from. These portals are a means , include the following:

Website (Halawa4U.com).

IOS Application (Apple App Store).

Android application (Google Play or Play Store)

If you have any issues with your order, you can notify us by calling our call center number or send us your complaint to Halawa4U@gmail.com and your complaint will be handled by our customer service team.

To provide you with the best possible experience we do accept all types of payment, Cash on Delivery, Visa/Mastercard, and KNET. Making your life easier is how we roll.

 Halawa4U is a high quality platform with a variety of bakeries and sweet brands. You will find everything you love to enjoy

We realize that once in a while, the comfort of reaching a good movie at home by yourself requires a high-quality dessert to complete the night. That's why we don't have a minimum of orders.

Our system ensures that demand arrives on time but sometimes things can get out of our control and cause unexpected delays. If your order is delayed by the time of arrival, we will notify you in advance and make sure that your order arrives as soon as possible.