How to buy in application

First. Select your Language then Sign in if your already a member or Sign up if your new registrar Or simply press the skip button on top right side to complete the registration procedure later on checkout .

Second. If you click Sign up, you will asked to register your (login Information - Personal Information), after reading Terms & Conditions and accepting it , if you wish to Subscribe on newsletter select it as well .Click on ( Register Now ) and set up your own account as buyer Or simply you can Sign in by login to your Facebook account .

 Third.In the drop down box labelled 'All Collections' is where you will find the particular sweets you are after . 

Fourth.(by Clicking on Top white SEARCH column button) from here you can Select which country or countries you would like to buy your sweets from and the city or You can search the name of the sweet and click on the big red SEARCH NOW button . can use our  filter to search (by Clicking on red SEARCH NOW button & after that top right RED Filter button).for specify brands, flavours, weight and also price range if required .or select as per item if you wish or simpley by clicking on the image that you like you will get the sweet details.

Sixth.when your there for the sweets that you wish, in sweet details select the flavours, weight ,quantity and click on add to cart then your sweets will be added to your  basket.(Please take note of the delivery days as well, whether it is  Domestic or International Delivery days). Proceed to checkout ,delivery address will appear . Confirm payment method and we will send an invoice of your sweets purchased to your nominated email address (please, make sure this is correct). Happy sweet shopping!.